For the kids who are in Wake County District 2 schools now, we have only ONE CHANCE to get their education right; there are no Second Chances. Parents in District 2 need a strong voice, one that will advocate for the performance and needs of ALL children. My leadership and decision-making is guided by a simple, straight-forward question:

What is in the best interest of the students?

As Wake County District 2’s School Board representative, I will focus on the following goals:

Neighborhood-based school assignments, which will…

  • Deliver quality education closer to home, resulting in more time for family interaction and outside activities
  • Decrease transportation costs, for both the school system AND commuting parents, allowing recaptured funds to be applied toward educational needs
  • Offer choices for students whose needs are not currently being met; whether that is academically-gifted students who may be falling behind or are not being challenged, as well as students who have special needs and require more individualized attention or a different setting

A quality education experience for all students, regardless of background or abilities, meaning…

  • Competitive class offerings at every school
  • Migration away from the Teaching-to-Test mentality, by incorporating proven best practices found locally and regionally throughout North Carolina
  • Looking to teachers as our Most Valuable Resources, by soliciting and listening to their input, supporting them in ways which are helpful, and not micro-managing their classrooms and schedules through excessive policies, standards, or expectations

Redemption of the Wake County School Board’s reputation, by…

  • Offering ideas for more thoughtful debate, along with a willingness to bridge the divide on education issues
  • Recognizing the symbolic role that the school board plays within our community, and how rapport and behavior heavily influences the spirit which characterizes a community’s impression of its school system
  • Fostering Wake County’s pursuit of being a great place to live and championing that idea, realizing that by investing in the education of our children, they may one day seek to grow their careers and businesses here